Pet Bed Pillow Case Kingsthrone

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Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Duchess’ Heart Dog Pillow case with Waterproof Cover  can be removed anytime for cleaning. It is made from memory foam and has a solid pattern. The shape of this pillow cover stays the same, and it does not flatten over time.


  • Cover and zippered covers come with rubber, non-slip bottoms
  • Great for pets with geriatric arthritis or joint and muscle problems
  • Will always keep its shape and will not flatten over time
  • Cover can be machine washed on a low cycle, using only cold water, then line dry, do not put in dryer
  • Easy to vacuum: Yes

Product Details

  • Bed Type: Pillow/Classic
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Bed Material
  • Chew Proof: No
  • Cleaning Method: Machine wash

Duchess’ Heart

The Duchess’ Heart luxury dog beds are handmade exclusively from high quality pine wood from Austria to ensure durability and sturdiness.Pine develops a nice, rustic patina from age and use, and it resists shrinking and swelling. Our dog beds are a sure investment because they will maintain their initial aspect, quality and finish for many years to come, becoming an important and attractive piece of dog furniture.

The wood is hand-picked and treated to be stain-resistant, as well as easy to clean. Every line is carefully polished without compromising the natural aspect of wood or damaging its shine.


Luxurious cushion

Weather you prefer a foam or fluffy dog pillow, you can choose the fabric for its upholstery. From leather to fur imitation, our fabrics are designed to offer the highest level of comfort to your dog, while being easy to clean and maintaining their color and aspect for a long time. Choose a fabric for your dog pillow that matches the dog furniture, your interior or, why not, your dog’s preference. You can even buy two or more fabrics to enrich your dog furniture and make sure the bed will fit in any décor.


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