Duchess’ Heart makes high quality luxury dog beds  fit for the Kings and Queens of dogs!



  • Set includes 1 sofa and 3 pillows
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Reinforced hardwood frame
  • soft touch, faux fur-like upholstery
  • Seating: Medium
  • 2 Accent pillows and 1 kidney pillow
  • Design: Classic Kingsthrone

Available Sizes:

small: 18,33 x 14,44 inches (47cm x 37cm) 6,6kg

medium: 29,25 x 22,62 inches (75cm x 58cm) 15kg

large: 42,9 x 27,3 inches (110x70x18cm) 23kg

Luxurious cushion

Weather you prefer a foam or fluffy dog pillow, you can choose from luxury  fabrics for its upholstery.  Leather, fur imitation, they offer the highest level of comfort, while being easy to clean and maintaining their color and aspect for a long time. Choose a luxury fabric for your dog pillow that matches the dog furniture, your interior or, why not, your dog’s preference. You can even buy two or more fabrics to enrich your dog furniture and make sure the bed will fit in any décor.


Easy to fold and transport

We added a cool new feature to our beautiful beds.  Now you can carry your dog’s bed with you wherever you go in its own compact, practical carrying bag.  Fold it in less than 60 seconds  put it in its own travel bag.  Keeping the dog pillow in its center. Duchess’ Heart luxury dog beds are  light and very easy to transport.

Exclusive Design

It’s enough to take a look at one of our luxury dog beds and you’ll immediately think about Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Or something similar! Our dog bed has a unique design and elaborate carvings and ornaments, inspired by the glamorous and opulent days of the Belle Époque.

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