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Tanya Beermann Profile


Classically trained opera singer and fashion designer, Tanya Berman, also known as Tanya Valentin, lives in New York and Laudenbach, Germany. She was born in Laudenbach from a German father and a Puerto Rican mother.

Tanya has collaborated with New York’s underground music scene. Her breakthrough as a singer was at Snitch in New York where she performed with Korn, Velvet Revolver, Fuel, and Slash; it was featured in the New York Post’s Page Six. In 2008, she became the resident artist of Mansion, a 10,000 square-foot ultra lounge and number one entertainment palace of New York, where she infuses and remixes classical and new age music.

As a fashion Designer she made her name with her Fashion brand DESIA. Her clients where celebritys such as Drew Barrymore, John Sahag, her design where even admired by Donna Karen. She has been featured in many international media, including Elements Magazine, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Glamour Magazine, Oyster Magazine, Bon Magazine, GADA Magazine, Hint, Arte-TV France, MTV New York, Fellissimo Museum NY, Diesel.

She is married and they splitting their time between Germany and New York.

Inspired by fashion and music, Tanya has expanded her creativity into furniture design. Her latest collection, “Harlequin collection,” features a romantic and royal-looking exclusive pet sofas collection.

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