A Royal dog bed especially Designed
For your loved ones

Behold the dog beds that will turn heads in both the canine and human world! Our luxury dog beds are worthy of any dog, being designed to offer the highest level of comfort to your Duchess or Duke, and becoming an inspired and elegant element of décor in every home

Travel Pet Bed

Light, fold-able and easy to transport.



Royal Passion

Duchess’ Heart founder Tanya Berman said that she knows that so many dog parents want to give their pups the best of the best, and that’s exactly what she had in mind when designing this luxurious bed for all our royal pooches.

Berman uses high-quality materials with luxurious and intricate (seriously intricate!) designs and the Duchess’ Heart dog beds come in various  models and all sizes.

Each model is hand-made and you should see the detail in the wood engraving! These are not your average throw-at-the-end-of-the-bed dog beds! No, they are gorgeous pieces of furniture themselves, and what we love best is that the cover for the orthopedic mattress is washable–so your dog can live like royalty even being a playful dirty dog of and on!

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