Duchess’ Heart jumps into the SHARK TANK!

Duchess’ Heart jumps into the SHARK TANK!

The start up company Duchess’ Heart was invited to audition for the American TV show “Shark Tank.” Seven-hundred young entrepreneurs from the East Coast were invited to the show’s casting call in Brooklyn on April 19.

It’s 2 pm at the 3 Black Cats Cafe and the participants have assembled to make their first pitch.Before taking on the Sharks, you have to face the casting directors first. Tanya Bergman, owner of Duchess Heart, finds herself among hundreds of young, innovative companies. Each one is armed with plenty of presentation material and has the goal to appear before the Sharks on American television. This unique opportunity is only awarded to those who can convince the jury of their idea in 60 seconds.”It was exciting –a once-in-a-lifetime experience! There were so many interesting people, some with really unusual ideas,” recalls Tanya Beermann.A total of 1,400 innovators applied for the audition in the US, but only few can show their stuff in the live show. More than 11 million Americans viewers can be reached just by appearing on TV. If you’re lucky enough to get financial support and the expertise of one of the Sharks, there’s virtually nothing standing in the way of success.

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