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Laudenbach, 11.04.2017 – Another milestone in the history of Duchess‘ Heart: On Sunday,2nd April 2017 there was an exclusive shooting with 15 dogs for the first Duchess‘ Heart campaign. „It was an exciting experience. The beautiful atmosphere of the garden of Löwenstein Castle in Kleinheubach (Germany) and so many paws, which can’t have a seat for three minutes – it was a hurry“, remembers Tanya Berman, founder and CEO of Duchess‘ Heart. The team met at 8am in the morning. Photographer Mr Peter Lüders and Camera-women Mrs Christina Bergfeld from New York were setting the scene with the dogs. But the dogs doesn’t wanted to be models prefering to play with each other. With some tricks and a lot of encouragement it was possible to keep them in their beds for half an hour to make some great pictures. Next to a hole number of dog lovers there were a lot of media representives. Mr Lüders took a lot of pictures within a few seconds during Mr Bergfeld records the scene with her camerateam. The shooting was finished in around 6 hours with great campaign images, which will be published online and on social media.